Juicy Jays Vs. RAW Rolling Papers

Juicy Jays Vs. RAW Rolling Papers

When it comes to rolling papers, there’s a lot of options to choose from and, if you’re just starting out, it can get a bit overwhelming deciding what will give you the best smoking experience. It’s all trial and error until you find something that you’re happy with, and so today we thought we’d take a look at two popular rolling paper brands – RAW and Juicy Jays – and break down their differences. 

RAW rolling papers

RAW natural rolling papers have a natural, light brown aesthetic. The brand concentrates largely on the natural side of smoking – boasting no:

  • GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms);
  • Chlorine bleach; and
  • Added chalk or dyes.

The lack of added chemicals and additives makes for a more natural and organic smoking experience as it doesn’t affect the raw flavour of your smoke. This vegan-friendly rolling paper features a unique criss-cross watermark which ensures a smooth burn. RAW use natural and sustainably harvested Acacia gum from Ethiopia/Senegal.

Product types

RAW produce three types of rolling papers which we stock and include:

  • Classic papers – These are made from the “purest naturally unrefined plant fibres”. They are the original, tried and true RAW rolling paper.
  • Organic hemp papers – Similar to the classic range, these rolling papers are crafted from pure, unrefined hemp and don’t have any added dyes or chalk. They’re actually created using a specialised pure water method – resulting in a clean, extra slow-burning, thin light tan paper.
  • Black papers – RAW’s black rolling papers are an answer to the new generation of smokers. They’re pressed to be an extra-fine product – guaranteeing an incredibly thin and unbleached rolling paper that’s still crafted using the same technique as their classic range – but with a higher quality result. They even claim you can “truly taste you terps”. 

Of these three main categories, there are varying sizes available for each such as 1 ¼, single wide and kingsize. Additionally, there are different styles available including connoisseur – which include tips.


If you’re looking for a more natural, clean and untampered smoking experience, then RAW is the way to go. With their attention focused on delivering an organic and chemical/chalk/additive-free rolling paper, this is the choice for connoisseurs who really want to taste the true flavours in their smoke.

Juicy Jays

Whilst RAW products focus on the natural and clean taste of smoking, Juicy Jays fall into an in-between category and pride themselves on their diverse range of subtle flavours their rolling papers come in. Whilst their papers are made from natural hemp, they also include natural sugar gum which gives them their thorough, yet subtle flavouring. With over 25 different flavours available (such as chocolate chip cookies and coconut), Juicy Jays are the most popular flavoured rolling paper brand in the world.

The physical appearance of Juicy Jays rolling papers varies as each flavour is branded with its own image, bringing a fun aesthetic and vibe to your smoking experience. For example, banana flavoured papers will have images of bananas on them and so forth. The images are printed on the papers with soy-based ink to ensure the flavours aren’t altered. Up in Smoke stocks both 1 ¼ and kingsize papers.

The juicy flavours

Obviously, the prime selling point for Juicy Jays' rolling papers is their wide range of flavours. It may not be exactly what you think, though. The flavours aren’t designed to overpower your smoke but instead complement it – allowing for detailed and subtle enhancements to be made rather than turn your smoke into an overwhelming fruity/candy experience.

Something that sets Juicy Jays apart from other flavoured rolling papers is that the whole paper is flavoured – not just the gum strip. They achieve this via their original “triple-dipped” system which sees the papers dipped three times into the flavours, soaking them for over a week to ensure complete infusion. The result is a taste that can be savoured even when the paper isn’t in your mouth.


If you’re looking to add a bit of excitement and variation into your smoking routine, then it might be worth looking into a set of Juicy Jays rolling papers. And, with so many different flavours, there’s something for everybody. 

Are you interested in purchasing rolling papers for your next smoke?

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