DAVINCI IQ2 Dry Herb Vaporiser BLACK

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Davinci IQ2 

​​The Davinci IQ2 is the third vaporizer that Davinci has made over the years and they've really nailed it with this one. It's a lightweight, portable vaporizer that looks sexy and delivers great vapor quality.

Stunning design

The Davinci IQ2 vaporizer offers sleek and stylish looks in a small but highly functional design. The bright and intuitive 51 LED grid display make this device not only a pleasure to use, but a pleasure to look at. A concealed chamber, hinged chamber cap and minimalist finish, along with phenomenal performance are among the reasons why the Davinci IQ2 holds rank as one of the most acclaimed portable vaporizers on the market.

Small but solid build

Small enough to fully conceal in the palm of your hand, you might expect the Davinci IQ2 to be less than durable but that is not the case. Its anodised aluminium shell makes it feel solid when you hold it. And you can’t really find a stealthier vaporizer because it’s tiny.

Great vapor quality

Speaking of quality, the ceramic zirconia oven and vapor path on the Davinci IQ2 is well insulated and it allows you to set your temperatures high, while remaining cool to the touch. Combined with 360 degree conduction oven, means you can get some massive flavourful hits full in the upper half of the device’s temperature spectrum, without risking combustion.

Replaceable batteries

The Davinci IQ2 offers an impressive 50-60 minutes of continuous use on a single charge, thanks to its removable, rechargeable 18650 battery. Replaceable batteries means that you continue using your vaporizer when the battery runs out if you carry an extra. Keep a couple spare 18650 in your kit so that you don’t have charge the device while you are on the move.

Full control with app

The innovative Davinci IQ2 herb vaporizer offers the user almost unparalleled customization options. With Boost, Precision and Smart Path modes, you can now tailor your session using your own temperature values over a given time. What makes the process even more accessible is the fact that you can connect your device to a phone using the IQ’s mobile app (currently not available on Apple store). This will allow you to precision tune your draws and sessions on your mobile touchscreen, simply awesome!


  • The new Air Dial™ for adjustable airflow, which lets you customize your airflow and reduce draw resistance. 
  • Easier to clean than the original Davinci IQ.
  • On-device dosage technology, which allows you to track your dosage and set a maximum dose per session.

    1 x Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer w/Battery
    1 x 10mm Mouthpiece
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Extra Pick Tool
    1 x Dosage Pod
    1 x Ceramic Extract Disc
    1 x 9 Pieces Organic Cotton
    1 x 9 Alcohol Wipes