Bad Ass Herbal Tobacco PASSIONFLOWER

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Bad Ass Herbal Tobacco PASSIONFLOWER

The Bad-Ass Herbal Smoke Mix can be used as a Tobacco Substitute. It is perfect for quitting smoking and diluting other smoking herbs when you are on a budget. This product makes an excellent add-on for all smoking customers.

Passionflower is best known as a remedy for insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns. It’s great for short-term bouts of sleeplessness. It is used to relieve muscle tension and calm anxiety.

The Effects of Passionflower

For insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns
Has been used as a gentle sedative for pain relief and tranquillising effects
Widely known to be good for anxiety, tension, and irritability
Gentle sedative properties produce a smoothing and relaxing effect
Reduces nervous over activity and panic
Non-addictive herbal tranquilliser
Can be used for overcoming nicotine cravings
Pain killing properties for toothache, period pain, and headaches
Used to treat a diverse range of nervous conditions such as asthma, palpitations, high blood pressure, and muscle cramps

  • Tobacco Free
  • 30G